Certificate Program

Certificate Program (CP) Core Courses

The CP core courses are designed for both Canadian and Japanese students to learn by working together in a practical environment. Students are required to take at least one course from this category.

Joint Seminar

○6credits ○August

Preparation by e-learning, then 20 students from both countries spend 2 weeks in each country living and studying together on multicultural issues. Lectures, fieldwork and group work followed by presentations.

Student Voice who joined the Joint Seminar Pilot Program held in February 2012

Takumi Shibaike
Takumi Shibaike
3rd-year Student of the
School of Law and Politics, KGU

I applied for the Pilot Program in February 2012 because it allowed me to freely choose my own topic to explore. A topic could vary from hard power like national security to soft power like education. Collaborating on research analyses into such topics with students from Canadian universities is a unique, valuable opportunity to gain new perspectives on international affairs. Especially because Japan and Canada share common backgrounds such as democracy and the free market principle, comparison between the two countries will provide a rich environment to focus on a specific issue. I believe that the program will help me shape my future academic interests and have a deeper understanding of international affairs and cultural differences, specifically between Japan and Canada.

Global Internships

○3credits ○August

10 pairs, each composed of a student from KGU and a student from a Canadian university, will work together, gaining practical experience in a real business environment in Japan.

Global Career Seminar

○3credits ○Fall Semester

A total of 40 students from 4 universities work together to analyze and solve real problems posed by industry.(Classes and student discussion via internet conferencing. Students come together at KGU in February to present their conclusions to participating firms. )

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