What is the CCC?

Quality Assurance

The Joint Management Committee will be responsible for the development and running of collaborative programs, while the Joint Academic Committee will regularly carry out their self-assessment. In addition, an Advisory Board will be set up to provide outside, impartial advice, ensuring the quality of the educational content.

Two Joint committees set up by the four universities

Members of CCC Committees

Rector:Murata, Osamu (Dr.) President, Kwansei Gakuin University

Institution Role for the CCC Name Position
Management Committee Byrne, Ron Vice-President, International & Student Affairs
Academic Committee vanderLeest, Hans Dean of Arts
Christie, Adam Manager of International Affairs
Management Committee O'Brien, Kathy Associate Vice-Principal (International)
Academic Committee Scott, Jill Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning)
Corlett, Jenny Manager, International Programs Office, Faculty of Arts and Science
of Toronto
Management Committee Gooch, Paul* President, Victoria University in the University of Toronto
Academic Committee Loney, Glenn Registrar and Assistant Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science
Welsh, Sandy Senior Advisor to the Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science
Management Committee Maeda, Takashi Dean of International Education and Cooperation
Academic Committee Mito, Takamichi* Professor, Law and Politics and Professor-at-Large in Canadian Studies and International Exchange
Tanii, Nobukazu Head, International Education and Cooperation Section

*chairperson,The Joint Committee

Advisory Board

To assist with the operation of CCC, an advisory board, composed of industry representatives, foreign affairs experts and other knowledgeable persons has been established to advise and make recommendations to CCC.

Members of Advisory Board

Institution Name Position
Advisory Board
Kadota, Gordon Ryo Founding Chairman, National Association of Japanese Canadians
Hirai, Masahiro Managing Director, The Energy Conservation Center,
Former Executive Vice-President, Japan External Trade Organization
Tsujimoto, Kenji Special Adviser, Fomer Executive Director, Kansai Productivity Center
Shotoku, Yukio Dean, International University, Panasonic Corporation
Former Executive Vice-President (International), Panasonic Corporation
Yoshimura, Kazutaka General Manager, Toyota Institute, Toyota Motor Corporation

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