What is the CCC?

Message from Chief Academic Director, Cross-Cultural College Headquarters

Practical experience will nurture the ability to act globally.

Prof. Takamichi Mito
Chief Academic Director, Cross-Cultural College Headquarters
Chair, Joint Academic Committee of the Cross-Cultural College
Professor of the School of Law and Politics, Kwansei Gakuin University

What sort of person will be able to contribute to the sustainable development and growth of global society? From a survey of 70 firms, we found that though foreign language skills are of course essential, what these firms regarded as most important was the ability to perceive and solve problems effectively, and to work in a multicultural environment, unhampered by cultural biasses and preconceptions. These conclusions accord with my own experience of some 25 years working in foreign countries.

The program of the Cross-Cultural College will be built around a core of practicallyoriented courses in which Canadian and Japanese students work together to understand and solve problems. Its courses will nurture the abilities needed in the future for students to act effectively on the global stage.

Message from Mr.Joseph Caron

Joseph Caron
Mr. Joseph Caron
President, Joseph Caron Incorporated
former Canadian Ambassador to Japan, China, and India

Globalization is the defining experience of the 21st century. Young people know this because throughout the world they live it every day, through popular culture, social media and the internet. But such connections, made from the comfort of home, are ephemeral, indirect and insufficient. Life can only be learned by living it. And that means becoming true global citizens, gained through personal contact with the wider world.

The Cross-Cultural College is the means to achieve this most important objective. It is designed for study not only about the world around us, but in the world around us, through an extended period of study in Canada, recognized as one of the most globalized and cosmopolitan nations on earth.

There is no substitute for direct experience. The Cross-Cultural College will provide it.

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